Struggling to make your product stand out from the crowd?

Successful marketers do it with exceptional labeling and packaging. Let me show you how.”


Do you think that private labeling is only about identifying your brand?
This book will make you think again.

Not Just Your Own Brand, But Your Own GREAT brand

Here is what two book readers wrote:

“This is amazing. It’s like the bible for labels!”

“I know now that having a private label isn’t enough, the labeling has to be better than the others.”

See their full comments (and others) in testimonials below.


There are plenty of books extolling the undisputed benefits of private labeling products to minimize competition, but they all assume that you know how to design and source labels, or that you can just call a label printer and buy stickers for your product. More importantly, they fail to cover a lot of vitally important subjects, simply because the writers lack the unique combination of psychology, marketing, and technical product knowledge that the author Walter Hay has.

Here’s a look at the valuable information you’ll find in this book:

  • The amazing difference between ordinary labeling and POWER Labeling.
  • How to design labels that have selling POWER built in.
  • The great selling possibilities of POWER packaging.
  • Why your choice of labels can make or break your private labeling business.
  • How to win the fight for attention online or on the shelves
  • The importance of consistency in labeling, branding, color schemes, fonts, and layout
  • How to use any of the 26 different labeling and branding methods Walter describes
  • Where to source the labels
  • What you can learn from your competitors
  • What quality labels really can achieve.
  • Understanding technical terms used in labeling and branding.
  • An example of the successful launch of a ridiculously expensive product.
  • The psychology behind choosing brand names, logos and slogans.
  • The psychology guiding label choices
  • The psychology of colors. Choosing the right colors for greater impact
  • Protecting your brand – trademarks and patents explained
  • Protecting your brand by preventing your supplier knowing your brand name or logo
  • Where to find guidance on labeling rules

Even if Einstein had made such a statement, it would mean that although he was a mathematical genius, he knew nothing about marketing psychology. Don’t throw money down the drain by following such advice……….

SO If you are ready to ignore all those Einsteins spruiking nonsense

…………… AND ……….. If you want learn how to:

  • Establish a repeat business with customer brand loyalty.
  • Market a product that stands out from the crowd.
  • Build a great brand not just another brand.
  • Protect your brand from competition. Get a premium price for your products.

………..You should read this book.

This book can help you gain a competitive edge so that your products stand out from the crowd, and by using simple marketing psychology your labels can work for you like silent sales staff. Open your eyes to possibilities that really can make your product and your brand appear unique and convince the customers that yours is the product they must have.

About the author:

Walter Hay has sold thousands of copies of his book on safe sourcing and importing Check out the reviews on that site. You won’t find a single bad review anywhere on the internet. Walter is regarded as one of the most experienced experts in his field of product sourcing and importing, but few are aware that his importing business involved sourcing and supplying a huge variety of labels specially designed for businesses selling every imaginable type of product.

Walter’s experience in private labeling began in the mid-1980s, when he began importing and selling B2B and his marketing skills resulted in expansion of his importing business into four countries, where he sold franchises to make it possible for him to handle the huge growth in his business. Many of the products that were sold required labeling for the customers and this led to the business using a huge range of different types of labels. Walter’s business designed a big percentage of the labels, sometimes based only on a pencil sketch or even a verbal description. Labels sourced overseas became a huge part of the business, but this labeling book provides links to buy most label requirements locally at good prices.

Walter has a considerable understanding of marketing psychology and has lectured on the subject.

This 60 page book is his latest contribution to marketing for maximum profit and deals with a staggering 26 different types of labels and branding methods, with detailed descriptions of their merits and uses. The chapter on colors will open your eyes to a little known subtle way you can improve the saleability of your products. Whether you are selling clothing, machinery, kitchenware, perfume, food, giftware, or electronics, you will find in this book surprisingly low cost ways to use labels that will sell.


There’s no hype on this page, and the book doesn’t contain space wasting and time wasting fluff either.


Thanks for your new book. I just read through this twice. This is amazing. It’s like the bible for labels!

When it comes to design and branding, I’m pretty good with all of that. But labeling has always been extremely confusing to me. It’s always one of those things that I put off until the last minute because I get overwhelmed by all of the options. I’m going to reference this whenever I’m working on a project that requires labeling, or any sort of branding, that’s how valuable this is.

Thanks again. This book was great. If you need any reviews or further comments at any point then just let me know.”


When I read this report on designing, sourcing and making labels and packaging for private labeling I was very impressed with the amount of detail the author has supplied. There is some very interesting discussion that points out the importance and benefits of quality labeling and packaging and how to use it to convey the message of your brand.

It is also pointed out how proper labels and packaging can be used to increase your profit margins! But there is also an extensive amount of detailed and practical information provided to the reader. This is information that will certainly prove helpful to the private label entrepreneur. Some of this info covers topics such as fonts, colors and how to learn from your competitors. There is even a glossary of technical terms used in the labeling and packaging process. Perhaps the most impressive part of this report was the extensive list of suppliers listed by the author. First he reviews the many different types of labels that exist. Then there are multiple suppliers provided for the various types of labels. I did not stop to think about just how many varieties of labels there are. I was overwhelmed but with this information the reader will certainly know how to proceed.

In my opinion this report certainly shows the importance of proper labeling and packaging, the pros and cons of the many varieties and exactly how to get the job done properly to enhance your products.


Walter, All I can say is WOW! The resources in your book exceeded my expectations and as soon as I read it I used your advice in labeling a product that I had ready to go. Was I lucky I got your book in time! I changed my brand name when I realized I had made a dumb choice.

The results were amazing, and I realized that you saved me from making a huge mistake that could have cost me many times what I paid for the book, just on that one product.

I have 3 other products in the pipeline now, and all will follow the same branding, labeling and color pattern just as your book has taught me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Peter Johansen

My online marketing business has grown wildly thanks to Walter’s book on sourcing from China, and I now have the finance to seriously do private labeling.

This labeling book is amazing! I never dreamed that there could be so many options when choosing labels for my products. I was going to use simple, but nicely printed labels, but I found this book just in time to stop me doing the ordinary thing that most private labelers do. Their products don’t stand out, but mine do.

Following the instructions in this book I’ve now got a brand and labels that really shout out QUALITY. The first lot that I put on Amazon sold like hot scones and my ranking is going UP. I had to urgently order more inventory.

I can’t thank Walter enough for this book. It will be a turning point in my life. I know now that having a private label isn’t enough, the labeling has to be better than the others.


Exceptional book with a wealth of knowledge for anyone in the importing/ecommerce industry. Excellent advice and helpful tips for anyone not only are starting out but someone who already has a branded business. I already have an ecomm company and this book gave me so many tips on how I can improve the branding on the product, packaging, etc and the book was full of resources and manufacturers who can help with producing any type of logo/label. I like the added bonus of general overall tips on not only the labeling and logo aspect, but how I can improve and make my brand more impactful to the end consumer. Highly recommended for anyone at all levels of their entrepreneurship roadmap.”


“Walter’s book on Power labels provided the missing link to the success of my brand. It is an action book written straight to the point from an experienced source. It covered what I needed to know both about packaging and labeling methods and must-know tips to succeed. This book saved me time and probably thousands of dollars by helping my brand look way more professional and avoiding newbie mistakes.”

Ofir Bar. CEO of “Vibe And Sun”

I just finished your book: a very interesting and timely read indeed. I’m in the process of sourcing my first product from China so I’ve found very useful the information provided in this book. It is full of valuable nuggets, but if I had to choose one idea that would describe the essence of it that would be: ‘the label is you’. I also find the chapter on colors particularly interesting. It left me wanting to read more on the subject. Thank you for the book, Walter.”


IMPORTANT NOTE: This book Does Not teach you how to choose a product to sell or how to sell your chosen product; it is about making a great brand. I recommend starting off on a small scale first, to validate the market. Without outstanding labeling and packaging you might not get the best picture from your test marketing, but if the product sells well you can move on to the next level. You will know that it is safe to expend more time and money to get better results with the best labels and packaging.

Wherever you are sourcing your products, start with a small initial order so that your investment and risk will be low. For those choosing to source from China, my book will teach you how to ignore big MOQs and have suppliers agree to a small order.

I don’t want you to buy because of bells and whistles on my site. That’s why there is No Hype – No Freebies. Just a straight forward price that gives real value for money.

To show you what to expect from this book, here is the

  1. Marketing Psychology.…. Too Hard?
  2. Branding And Marketing — Understanding Private Labeling.
  3. Case Study: Eight Year Old Boy Applies Marketing Psychology.
  4. The Value Of Perceptions.
  5. Why Use Quality Labels?
  6. Brand Names, Logos, And Slogans.
  7. The Importance Of Consistency.
  8. The Design Process.
  9. Learn From Your Competitors.
  10. Technical Terms…… Jargon Explained.
  11. Labeling And Branding Methods.
    11.1 The subsections 11.1 to 11.26 each deal with a different type of labeling or branding method. 11.26
  12. Powerful Packaging.
  13. Labeling Your Product And Packing Your Packages.
  14. Colors, And Their Potential To Influence Decisions.
  15. Choosing Products To Sell.
  16. Private Label Product Suppliers – Basic Procedures.
  17. Private Label Product Suppliers Outside The USA – How To Locate Them.
  18. Open Tool.
  19. My Experience As A Private Label Manufacturer And A Label Seller.
  20. Product Liability.
  21. Labeling Compliance.
  22. Trademarks And Patents.
  23. Protect Your Brand From Your Suppliers By Using Post-Production Labeling Or Branding.
  24. Over-branding (Covering) Brands on Generic Products

DON’T BUY THIS BOOK if you want to simply show that your brand is different.

DO BUY IT NOW if you want to identify your brand as a GREAT BRAND.

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